Wednesday, 5 January 2011

You can NEVER have too many bags!

You can NEVER have too many bags, right?! These are the bags Mum and Myself made on a couple of our sewing days! A total of 4! The pattern was in a mag Mum bought with her, (I think it was called 'It's a Cinch' or something like that) so I could help her.

4 bags all in a row:

Turned out quite well, so I decided I wanted one, we would make one for Roseanne and Mum decided she will make a friend one is 'Pure' (which I think she may have changed her mind and is keeping it herself lol)

I had quite a bit of Whimsy left from the George Town Circle quilt, so I decided to make mine from that range:

Here is the Pure one:

Mum was going through my Whimsy scraps and decided to select some for Roseanne:

Here is the first one we made, Mum's:

The pattern was a little different to other bags I have made, but they all turned out a treat!
I received a call from Mum and Dad this morning, they are home safe and sound!
x Sarah


Anonymous said...

The bags look great! I'm always making something for someone else and then wanting to keep it!!

helbel19 said...

Well done Mum and Sarah, they look great.


Christine said...

They look great, Sarah. My favourites are the Whimsy ones ... good old Figtree always looks fabulous.

Julie said...

you don't need that many sarah, so if you send one my way, that will lighten your load!

Vicki said...

Great to see that you and Mum weren't idle during her visit! Bags look great - see you Friday!

barb's creations said...

Lovely bags Sarah :) Barb.

Fiona said...

WOW They are gorgeous sarah - which magazine was it?

Hugs - Fee X

Isabella said...

Nice bags Sarah like them all so I dont have a fav in those ones

nima said...

wow...that looks great...gorgeous bags

Bec said...

Gorgeous bags Sarah! Your mum looked like she enjoyed using your quilting frame in an earlier post! So pleased you had a lovely visit.

Roseanne said...

I love my bag it was another surprised it has 3 big pockets you now me well Sarah.

John'aLee said...

The bags are all so darling!