Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Out with the old..... and Paper stuff!

Isn't this terrible!! I can tell you it WAS NOT this bad a couple of weeks ago! Only slightly coming off the tip..... But, a certain lady thought she would peel some off! Thanks so much!

Seems I have a thing for purple irons! Didn't realise until I got home! Not usually a purple gal!

Oh dear! Check this out! I tried the new iron out last night while watching a DVD and now the basket is EMPTY!! I really, REALLY don't usually let it get this high!

Anyway, I love holidays! Today, I took Dennis to work.... His first day at a new job in Launceston! He gets to drive a company car, that's why I took him. Oh, and so that I could stop in to see my very talented paper craft SIL Judy! She is such a whizz at this and we also achieve SO much!
Here is what we did:

Here is Judy's creations: 3 cards, 2 mini cards and 2 calendars:

And mine: 3 cards, 3 mini cards and 2 calendars:

I recently bought from a friend the Stampin Up Owl punch and I *love* it! And, Judy and Myself couldn't stop at making them! Aren't they cute!

Tomorrow, its a sewing day! Must make a Table Runner for a Birthday gift for my mother-in-law!
x Sarah
PS: Bags, tomorrow. Promise!


Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Those owls are so sweet!!

Isabella said...

Those are lovely Sarah Hope Denis likes his new job

Fiona said...

I hate ironing !! That little owl is adorable - I will have to have a look around for one of those.

Fee X

Roseanne said...

I am sorry that I could not come, but those card are great look like you both had lots of fun together.

Sarah said...

ohhh I love my owl punch tooooo.