Thursday, 7 May 2015

2 Runners

I found these pics on my phone!  A couple of creations from nearly 2 months ago.  I am slowly catching up with my finishes - still need to adjust my sidebar!

Here are two 10 Minute Table Runners!  Have you seen them before?  They are fantastic, and great if you need a gift in a hurry!  I must admit, they do take a little longer than 10 minutes!  The one on the left was the first one I made, the other is the second one, which I added a 'peeper' to the mix and I LOVE how that turned out!

Love these Birdcages!
This one is my favourite!
I chose to sew the end down in place of the button. 
I found this over on YouTube here.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cosy cables!

I was looking for something for my Friday girls to make, and one day while blog hopping, I found that Loz had made a cool Cable Cosy!  What a great idea!  When we travel, we always have a cable for each phone, ipad, camera etc and sometimes they get tangled in a bag!  So it was decided!
Here it mine, folded up.

And, opened. 
Lots of space for the cables between the elastic and a pouch to put batteries or whatever in!
Here are 2 of the Friday Girls efforts. 
Cool huh?!  These are great gift ideas too!
Tutorial from the Live it, Love it, Make it blog. 
Click here to go straight to the tutorial.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Iron Caddy Tote

Last week I finished of this cool bag.  Its an 'Iron Caddy Tote'!  This will be great to take to stitching days I attend at The Cherry Shed with some of my friends!  I have had this pattern for a little while, and I had planned to make it up and take it to our last Stitching Day, but never got around to it.  Then a week or two before the day, Vicki txt me a bag she made, which was that one!!  Then seeing it in person, I decided to get into gear and make it up!  I was on the hunt for some Teflon type fabric, and picked some up at AQC!

So here you have it, the Iron Caddy Tote.  Though I must say, I am not overly happy with the button and elastic get up.  I am a little worried it will come un-done and my iron will fall out, so I have it here wrapped around the button twice!

My iron sits perfectly in it.
Here it is opened up (before Ibound it)!  You can use this side to iron on! 
I have lined it with Insul-Bright too.
This was a free pattern I found HERE.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Friendly Forest

Yes, I have a finish!  It was finished a little while ago, and I am pretty slack in showing it here.  Its my Friendly Forest quilt.  These fabrics are SO cute, and have been popular at the shop.

Quilted using the Chubby Owl's panto and backed with the lovely, cuddly Shannon's Minky.
I have it on display at the shop, along with the fabrics. 
Its not all shop sewing going on here, but there is a lot!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Penny & Friends

Another quilt top finished a little while ago, was made from the beautiful 'Penny & Friends' fabrics.  There was a tutorial on YouTube by the delightful Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt Co called Charm Big Star Quilt and I had seen it done in a few different fabrics and decided to give it a whirl.  You use 4 charm packs for this quilt, but I cut my own from FQ's.

First up, I made my big star, in purple:

Laying out all those blocks, pretty random!
Then sewn to a quilt top.
It does have a border on it now, in pink and looks fab!  I must take a pic of the top done.  Its also quite big!  I also found a mistake with the pattern and found that the star block is 1/2" out so added a teeny tiny sashing around the star.  Doesn't look out of place - well, I don't think so.  So be wary if you are going to make it. 
Here is the tutorial.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Hour basket

I have been finding lots of great tutorials lately, from blogs or from IG.  This one has been going around for some time, and decided to make one too.  The Hour Basket actually takes under an hour to make.  Uses just 2 FQ's (plus handles) and its so handy.  I've used 'bag batting' inside to help it stand up.  I love it, and it currently holds my knitting :)

Want the tutorial? Here you go.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Cup for Cathy

It was Cathy's birthday on the 21st, the big 50!  She really wants a 'cup' quilt and she asked her 'IG' friends if they would like to share a cuppa for her Birthday, but couldn't, you could send a virtual one by sending a 6.5" cup block.  So, us Tassie Blogger gals (that get together every few months or so) decided to have a little party while having one of our Cherry Shed stitching days and give her our blocks.  I used the basic pattern from the 'Spell it with Moda' block, but changed the size to fit inside the mug block.  I think from memory the letter C was about 3"!  Made in one of Cathy's favourite fabric ranges 'Rural Jardin' from French General.

I also made a foundation pieced tea pot to hang above our cup gifts.  It might even end up in the quilt... We will see!
I am really looking forward to seeing this special quilt come together as she has received some blocks from all over the world!