Monday, 22 September 2014

Its been a while

Yes, it has been a while.  I have just been SO flat out, rarely time to blog.  I have been spending way too much time on Instagram!  I have noticed there are tons of bloggers on IG, it seems to be quite popular as its quick and easy!  You can see me HERE.

So, what have I been up too?  Lots!  I have a little Friday group at the shop, sometimes they come every Fri, sometimes fortnight.  Remember they made the Mouse Pincushion a little while ago?  This time, they have chosen an applique and stitchery table runner (pics soon), but as they got all the prep done at the shop, ready for hand stitching during the next few weeks at home, they decided to make a pieced runner each while at the shop.  Yes, there is a mistake on one, which was noticed just after this pic and was fixed, quick as a flash!  2x Plum Sweet 1x Elementary and one Chalkboard Snowman.  The pattern was in a mag a long time ago, and I have made it before.... It was a PAIN as the cutting instructions were wrong.  Luckily I had adjusted it from the last time I made it.

Its always fun doing the binding, knowing its the final stage:
And here is mine, made from the Chalkboard Snowman fabric.
This is going in the Christmas pressie stash as it is destined to go to Sophie's Groomer.  I know she is going to love it, I made her a runner a few years back and she still talks about it!
I promise not to leave it so long......

Saturday, 30 August 2014


I have some beautiful Tasmanian Alpaca Yarn in stock, and have wanted to make something from it since it arrived.  its SO soft and snuggly!  I found a free crochet scarf pattern over at the A Spoonful of Sugar Girls blog, and decided this was the perfect project!  I set to work early this week.  I found that the hook size was a little too small and it was a little too wide for what I wanted, so undone my work and re-done it with a 5.5mm hook, and adjusting the pattern to suit.

Here it is, narrower and looser....
I made mine into a cowl, and I am pretty happy with it.
I usually do my own things when it comes to crochet patterns, only because I am only a basic crocherer (I don't think that is a word), and have to get on YouTube to refresh my mind, every. single. time!  This one is seriously SO easy, and SO quick!  I think I might make another!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Its a Sunshiny Day......

I have a LOT of projects on the go at the moment, all in various stages.  Sometimes I only have night time, tv watching, hand projects which when finished, get put in a pile for later, for when I get 'day' sewing time.  This is one of my recent finishes, the Sunshiny Day Bag.  I just LOVE this!  I have had the stitchery done for ages, and managed to sew it up on one of my days off, then finished it up a few days later:

Made with some lovely Jo Morton fabrics which I have in stock:
Its hanging up at the shop, and its getting quite a bit of attention :)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Mouse Pincushion x2

I have a little group that come to sew at the shop every fortnight, and they have decided that they would each work on a project together.  The Mouse Pincushion from the Birdhouse was the first project, and I decided to make one too, well 2 actually - one for me, and a shop display.

A little bit of applique:

Some paper piecing Hexagons:
And some stitchery.  This project has a bit of everything in it.

This one is my 'scrappy' version.  This side has a little pocket to put some treasures in and an applique section:

The other side, which holds a small set of embroidery scissors and a needle-case:
And of course, I have added my label!
Here is the shop's 'Tilda' version.  The needle-case and scissor section:
And the pocket and applique side:
They all turned out great, and the ladies are very happy with their creations.  Now, onto their next project......

Saturday, 23 August 2014


A little while ago, a number of us got together and started making the Amy Butler Weekender bag.  Its a decent size bag, great for an overnight bag (probably not for me, I always take too much stuff when going away!!).  It sat here in bits for a while, then I decided I needed to sew something for me, and chose to finish this up.  I went for Gracie Girl fabrics by Lori Holt:

I also decided I wanted a zippy pocket somewhere on the outside, and ended up putting one in between the handles on one side.  I thought about doing on the other, but then thought I only needed one to put keys etc in:
I even remembered to put my own 'designer' label on!
And, here it is all finished.  Without piping!  I found it was quite thick to sew, and with the piping I just couldn't get that close.  I've put piping on the pocket.
I really enjoyed making this bag up!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Xmas sewing

I have a ton of sewing things in various stages, but I managed to find some time to whip up this quilt top.  It was actually made in 3 mornings (before I headed out to the shop), and I mean about 5 hours MAX!  The first morning was spent cutting it out, the next 2 was spent putting the borders on.  A GREAT quick and easy project.  Now to find time to quilt it!

Its also BIG.  With just over 4 months (I nearly typed in weeks!!), until Christmas it is probably time we started to think about it.
I have kits (for top fabrics and binding) available here.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Every night, I like to do a bit of hand stitching, weather it be stitchery, applique, quilting, knitting or crochet.  I started this Corner to Corner Afghan about 4 weeks ago, and was doing it in-between other things.... Yes, its easy peasy, and grows SO fast!

I love how its in stripes, its the yarn!  I always get comments about the stripes, but the yarn is variegated, and just goes like that :)
This is the yarn I used 'Moda Vera Bouvardia' in the colour Embers.
Mine is 1.1mts square (so only lap size), and I used 10 balls. 
Check out the YouTube tutorial HERE to make this throw.