Monday, 3 January 2011


Mum and Dad left early yesterday for their trip home to QLD via the Spirit! With the devastation of floods, I am not sure how long it will take them to get home! From the news updates and newspaper articles, it is quite bad! I hope all my bloggy friends are safe!

I know Miss Sophie is going to miss George! They just would not leave each other alone for a second! Constantly playing, following and play biting each other! It was funny to watch actually! Here they are with Mum's quilt in the background she quilted here:

It took me a while to get this pic, as every time I went to take one, one of them moved! This is the best of the lot!

Yesterday, we dropped by Nan's home to make sure it was empty after they left, collect washing etc, and Sophie was SO excited thinking George was there..... She went through the whole house looking, then out the back! Poor thing lol!

A couple of days after Christmas, Mum and Dad went shopping in Launceston and came across the Christmas Hampers going out CHEAP at Kmart. This one was $49 and they picked them up for $10! And, they got some for $5 too!

While they were here, Mum and Myself had quite a few sewing days and we managed to whip up some bags! They look great! I will come back tomorrow to show you those!
I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend.
x Sarah


Isabella said...

DONT DO THAT TO ME !!!! Putting up a post headed GOODBYE scared me half to death.
Poor Sohpie she will miss him we just this min gave back the wee dog that we looked after for three weeks while my friends went to queensland she was too old to take with them so Bobby is looking for her just now.
Thanks again

Julie said...

OMG! i saw the pic and thought will i or won't i even click on sarah's blog. i simply cannot stand posts which include sad animal stories. i sit and cry like a big baby.
bugger you sarah! LOL

Lynda said...

Sounds like a great Christmas with your Mum and Dad and you were in your new home - perfect.

Leanne said...

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family, I'm glad your mum and dad had a nice time. Its great you can get some sewing done with your mum.