Sunday, 27 June 2010

Grrr and Batik's

At the moment, I am really feeling like this!!

**Pic from Google Images**

CRABBY!! Yesterday after lunch, I decided to get online to do some blog reading etc, but... BUT... I think my laptop has pooped it! GRRRR!! I can check by business emails, sign in to MSN..... THAT'S it! No personal emails or web browsing at all.... the page just does not load up GRRRR!!! At the moment, I am using the desk top computer, it is NOT the same cause it doesn't have my CRAP on it lol! I have tried to de-frag, deleted cookies, history etc and nothing seems to help...... Anyone got any ideas?

On quilting news, I know I have not showed any that I have done recently. Many have gone out the door un-photographed, but this one I had to show! This was picked up yesterday, ready to be bound for a birthday soon. Using green, blue and purple Batik's:

The centre piece was a circle appliqued on, ready for a big white Unicorn to be appliqued on after I quilted it!

Very unusual don't you think?!

I think a trip to Pauline's might cheer me up today :+)
Enjoy your weekend
Laptop-less Sarah!


Scottish Nanna said...

Sarah I hope all goes well for you soon.
Hugs Mary.

Roseanne said...

Look like you mite have to buy a new lap top put it throught your business. The quilt look good but it was a bit bright for me.

Suzi-q said...

Should be going shopping for a new laptop by the sounds of it, they don't seem to last very long anymore.
That quilt is unusual with the circle in the centre, the blue's are lovely

Katrina said...

The quilt looks really nice. Its lovely and bright. You will have to get a pic of the finsihed quilt and show us. It amazing how our lives depends on technology these days. I remember those simple days, but I know I can't live without my Hopefully it's fixable or dennis should take you shopping for a new pretty one. XXXX Katie

Margarita said...

Wow that quilt is fabulous, i love that colour combination.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Hope things are on the improve Sarah....I might be frightened if you bring that with you on Saturday!!..LOL.