Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cheering up

My computer is fixed! I am SO pleased! Though I know that these things never last forever (my laptop is pretty old), and it has been playing up for a while now, it was still a GRRRRR moment! All MY stuff!! Dennis spent about 3 hours after work Sunday night and fixed the prob xx

A trip to Calico Crossroads on Sunday did cheer me up! I loved being surrounded by the beautiful fabrics Pauline has! Actually, another reason I dropped in was to pick a bundle of fabrics for 'My Garden' Button BOM by Lynette Anderson. I chose Heart and Soul fabrics like Lynette's as I totally love this range! Roseanne and Kate have decided to do it too, so I have set our challenge to finish this block EVERY month..... I am waiting on some Fig Tree Cream Solid fabrics to arrive in stock, and I unsure if I will use that or not for my stitchery backgrounds....... decisions, decisions!!

On Saturday, I am off to Evandale for a Stitching Gathering with Roseanne and maybe Jeanette. REALLY looking forward to that! A few of us Tassie Bloggers will be catching up there and have even 'reserved' a table for us all! Also, a few of us will be doing a little Xmas Tree Ornie Swap there too..... Which I have finished - just have to wrap! If you are interested in going, I am sure there are some spots available, click on the pic below for the details..... It is such a FUN day!

Guest tutors are Marg Low, Libby Richardson and Rhonda Leith.

Packed to the Rafters tonight WooHoo!
x Sarah


Suzi-q said...

glad your laptop is all fixed, I am doing the My Garden BOM also so I will keep an eye on your progress :)
enjoy Evandale, sounds like fun

welsh penny said...

Hi Sarah, glad laptop was fixed quickly, but Sorry to be the one bearing bad news, Packed To Rafters canceled tonight due to Tennis, they are going to replay the longest match ever! sorry! mum

Jan said...

Have fun and don't freeze. I would love to do a class with Marg; her patterns are so lovely. Her in-laws Don and Kath are our lovely neighbours. I'm doing My Garden too; haven't chosen colours or fabrics yet but I'm thinking fresh and pretty. Off on my trip on Monday; can't wait to get away from the cold!

Roseanne said...

MY brother is so good to you sarah spending all that time to fix your computer. I am looking forward to going to Evandale. I have finished my Xmas Tree Ornie.

Lynda said...

Great that "Rafters" is back on! Lucky Dennis could fix your computer. Saturday sounds like it will be a fun day.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Retail craft therapy always helps!
I have only just finished my ornie for Saturday
I was looking forward to packed to the Rafter but was a bit disappointed with first episode
See you Saturday Whoo Hoo!
Lisa ʚϊɞ

DAWNIE said...

Sounds like fun - love Libbie Richardson's work. You lucky girls.

Jo in TAS said...

Wish I could've come, one day I'll make an Evandale gathering! Say gidday to Marg from me!