Monday, 2 November 2009

Grrr & blogging

Why is it, your craft room is an absolute mess, yet you know exactly where everything is? I HAD everything fairly tidy in there since moving, yet I cant find a thing! I have been looking, looking for a book ever since returning from holidays..... cant find it ANYWHERE!! It took me 2 hours (and that is NO joke!) to find my embroidery hoop to take to Campania (yet I didn't even use it), then yesterday and this morning I have been looking for another book and cant find that either! GRRRRRRRR! I give up!

Anyway, to chill out a bit I decided to make some more of these:

If you have purchased anything from my online store, you would know what these are! I get SO many comments about these.... they are cute - if I do say so myself! These were made using the Stampin Up range of stamps, card and Crystal Effects (which is the little drops I put around the scallops). Check out Martyn's blog, he is a Stampin Up Demonstrator and has some great stuff on his blog and if you cant find a demonstrator near you, he would be happy to organise something for you!
Oh, and I thought I would mention that Gloria (a lady who I have been chatting to via emails for a little while) has started her very own blog! Way to go! Pop over here and say 'hi'!
x Sarah

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Roseanne said...

Sorry that book you was looking for i had it. what i wast of your 2 hours lol. but I did not have the stamping up book.