Sunday, 1 November 2009

Campania Projects

Ok, so here is my progress on yesterday's project, not much and I have not touched it since!

Here is a pic of all the projects for the day:

This is called Friends & Family by Rosie:

And this cute design is another of Rosie's called Your Way Home. It is actually mounted on canvas which looked really great:

This lovely quilt was designed by Deirdre called Christmas Wishes:

And, here is Leonie's project called 'Christmas Tidings':

Now, Deidre is such a Halloween fanatic (you cant half tell with those shoes from last post lol) and could not resist making these 'Trick or Treat Bags'!

This little Punch Needle Pouch is designed to put your Punch Needle and threader in! Cool! This was designed by Leonie:
And, check out this project (terrible pic I know!).... cute huh!

I must say there were LOTS of great projects to work on throughout the day, plenty of food and laughter! Everyone seemed to enjoy the day! Thanks girls!
x Sarah
PS: If you would like to see the GORGEOUS name tags we received, pop over to Jo's blog and check them out - she made them all! Good on you Jo!


Cubby House Crafts said...

So pleased you ladies got some good pics...mine not so good! Will have to do a page in my quilters journal for the gathering, using Jo's lovely tags!

Jo in TAS said...

Lots of great pics on everyone's blogs, I think we covered everything except for the food!

teresa said...

Wow great photos... so jealous.. it looked like way too much fun. Hope you're feeling better Sarah..

Tozz said...

I am loving all you have done. everything looks so good :) hugs

Roseanne said...

Well look like you had a great day out and lots of great new projects coming.

Christine said...

We certainly were spoilt with so many wonderful projects. Still plodding through my stitchery!