Saturday, 19 September 2009

Big News for everyone

Ok, here is my BIG announcement:

It was nice to know that ALOT of people had wanted to know what I was up to and was very interested!

I am part of an online Group and every so often we have a 'chat night'. We all jump online and enter out private chat room (alot of the time we all open our swap gifts together while chatting), sometimes it gets SO busy in there, but it is always SO much fun! This got me thinking..... wouldn't it be SO great to have a chat room for all crafters from all over the world..... no need to be a part of a forum/group or even blog for that matter! So here it is!! Spread the word, the more the merrier!

Now, this room is open to anyone..... it is open 24 hours 7 days a week, and you do not need to be a 'member'. I do suggest that you use your blog name as your chat name (if you have one that is) so that everyone can identify you easier. You could even 'announce' on your blog that you will be available for chat on a certain day and see who pops in or use it for swap opening nights!

I have the 'room' set up on my left hand sidebar right up the top (where the countdown was), all you need to go is click on it and type in your name and wait for it to load. Oh, you also must have JAVA to access it (which is a free download).

To make it easier for you to pop over here to 'chat' you may take my little button and link it to my blog.

I must say, that this chat room does not have any moderation, so if there are too many complaints and people abusing this, I will delete it! So please don't ruin it for everyone!

Happy chatting

x Sarah
PS: Just wanted to say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Bec, I hope you have a fantastic day xx


Vickie said...

wow I tried to install a chatroom on my blog on thursday and it all went screwiffy-so I gave up.I will admit it was not the same program you have used-I miss the good 'ol chat rooms that were around years ago..way to go good move Sarah and yes worth the wait,cheers Vickie

Isabella said...

Well this will be a first for me I have never been in a chat room before. Thanks for setting this up Sarah.

teresa said...

Great idea Sarah, those chats can be such fun...hope it goes smoothly and everyone enjoys using it. Thanks for setting it up for all of us. xx

helbel19 said...

Great idea Sarah, might pop on over there soon and see who is in chat.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Way to go Sarah....fantastic idea...

DAWNIE said...

Sounds like a great idea Sarah - will have to log in and see whom is online.

Bec said...

Thankyou Sarah! I did have a fantastic day.
Congratulations for setting up the chat room, a fabulous idea!

Sue said...

What a fabulous idea! I'll be logging in soon to say g'day.