Friday, 18 September 2009

Doll Swap

2 posts in one day....... that's pretty amazing for me LOL!
Anyway, I have just participated in a Doll Swap and this is what I made for Helen. She is called 'Yuletide Faerie' by Country Keepsakes:

Here is a close up of her face:

I have actually made 2 of her, one is going to be on display at the local show in October. She is only slightly different and I shall post a pic of her shortly as well as the GORGEOUS dolly I received!
x Sarah


Le Creazioni di Sarah said...

It's very nice.... I like also the fabric that you have used....

barb's creations said...

She is gorgeous.I haven't made a doll in ages mmmm I can feel a doll making session coming on! :) Barb.

helbel19 said...

Hi Sarah,

Love the doll thank you, she will look great when she joins her other friends at christmas, terrible isn't it... I seem to be talking as though all my dolls really have a life lol.... but they are all" My Girls"

Thanks again


Renee said...

I've been looking at that pattern too! She is so pretty - I really like your version :)

Anonymous said...

I love this doll she is so lovely with a beautiful smile, maybe I will have to make a doll,