Sunday, 5 July 2009

Quilting pics

I finally have a quilt to show you! I finished this quilt on my frame the other day..... still have to add the binding, which I will get into in the next week or two (still have those socks to knit!).
My Mum gave me this quilt kit for my Birthday quite afew years back. I cant seem to remember what range the fabrics are, but they are from Robyn Pandolph. Very pretty!
Here is a shot of the back.......

And a close up: I chose my 'swirl and loops' freehand style!

I am very happy with the way it has turned out, and once I get it finished I will be sure to show you the whole quilt!

While going through my pics on my camera a little while ago, I came across these pics:
Sophie in a Bumble Bee costume!! LOL!! The outfit was actually her 'cousins' (Tiffany the poodle) and while we were visiting my SIL Judy, Dennis thought she might like to dress up for a bit!!

We thought it was SO funny, she looked quite cute, but she really didn't like it at all!! lol
I hope you all have had a creative weekend,
x Sarah


Fiona said...

She looks just gorgeous !!!! Love the quilting - Would love to see pics of your frame working.

barb's creations said...

Sophie looks gorgeous.Keep a tight hold on her leash when you take her for a walk though or she just might take off hehehe.
I LOVE Robyn Pandolph fabrics.I have quite a few of them.Love how your quilt turned out too.
Pop by my blog and check out my Christmas In July giveaway I'm doing :) Barb.

Isabella said...

Looks good Sarah, I sent the pics you sent me of Sohpie the bumble bee to scotland and the kids thought she looked real COOL

Catherine said...

Oh Sophie, What have those humans done to you....bite their ankles, pee on their carpet, anything, but dont let them dress you up ever again!! If they do and you cant cope any longer come and live with human's wouldnt dare!!
Be strong sweet Soph,

Jo in TAS said...

Wow, I can't even get a doggy coat on Lucy to keep her warm after being clipped!

Love the quilting pattern you chose for your quilt, looks good!

simplestitches said...

Love the "doggie bee" sooo cute!
My kids like to try and dress up our Staffy at times....he doesn't really like it, but will stay put for a photo and that's about it.

Love your quilt, Robyn Pandolph is one of my favs too. I seem to have so many of her ranges.
cheers Julz

Bec said...

So cute! hehehehe