Monday, 6 July 2009

The day before work......

Yes, my last day of being unemployed! Tomorrow I am back to work - at my 'old' job! I do think that after 5 weeks off (where did the time go?) I am ready for it!

So, this morning I was up bright and early (5am) as I had lots to do before I headed out for the late morning/afternoon. Popped into Launceston to go to Spotlight, then drove over to Exeter to the bakery for lunch then onto Calico Crossroads to see Pauline for supplies before heading back home!
These came out of the oven at 8.30am this morning:

Date scones! YUMMY!! I made some a few days ago, Dennis LOVED them, so I decided to make another batch and he can take them to work and I will put some in the freezer for another day! The recipe I used was the 'lemonade' one with a difference!

4Cups SR Flour sifted, 1 C chopped Dates (the recipe says 1/2 cup but I didn't think it was enough), 300ml cream and 375ml Ginger Ale..... Mix all together, kneed into about 1" thick and cut with scone cutter (or glass :+)) bake in oven at 220c for approx 15 Min's.......... you could add some cinnamon to if you wanted:

At the beginning of last week I made these:

These were 'Breakfast Muffins', they had half an egg inside.... they were quite yummy too!!

My socks are coming along nicely, about half way (yeah I said that last time.......). I have now done the heal part and am up to the instep? Had to undo some as I thought I had done it wrong, then when I re-done it found that I had actually done it right duh!!

Best be off and get some tea on.......
x Sarah


Julie said...

oooh, some nice yummies there sarah. any chance of sharing that yummy looking breakfast muffin recipe please?
am also looking forward to seeing your socks when done. socks are something i've never attempted. i must give them a go some day.
julie x

barb's creations said...

I'm becoming very hungry reading your latest blog post.I'll have to try the date scones with the twist,sounds scrummy and those egg muffins look soooo delish :) Barb.

welsh penny said...

yummy Sarah, I look forward to these fresh from my oven in september! mum

MARYNAN said...

Sarah, I look forward to seeing your socks. I am a bit of a sock ADDICT. Check out my blog if you can. I have made about 10 pairs this year, but I am all socked out now.

The muffins and date scones look very tempting. Yum Yum Yum.

dotti white said...

Those scones look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!