Friday, 3 July 2009

Back into it....

After seeing quite a few Truly Scrumptious quilts popping about in blogland recently, I have been inspired to get stuck into mine again! I finished the big stitchery blocks in Jan/Feb this year! So, for the past week I have been stitching these 'Mojo Girls':
Here is Izzy:

And Scarlett:
And, Miss T Tipsy:

So, now all the stitching is done...... I must find the time to get the blocks together! These are not the only projects I have been working on this past week...... I have quilted a quilt on my new frame (now, to sew the binding on), finished piecing a quilt top and knitted half a sock..... busy, busy!! Hopefully by the way I am going, I will have a few completed projects to show for the OPAM Challenge!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend
x Sarah


Chookyblue...... said...

they look great Sarah will be good to get your top together.......

Catherine said...

Well Done Sarah, I have all the stitchery blocks cut, the pattern, threads and jelly rolls beautifully sitting in a tub just waiting for day I'll get to it!! Have a great weekend!! Cathy

dotti white said...

Very cute girls!