Monday, 1 June 2009

A shock to the system

As some of you know, I have been made redundant from my job and today is the first time in my life as an un-employed woman!! The uncertainty of 'whats around the corner' is a little scary..... but I am up for it!!
I do however, have afew things in the 'pipeline' - so watch this space!! This is my new Ideas Journal I made for all my little notes:

So now, I should (notice I say should) have more time to actually comment on the MANY blogs I visit instead of being so time poor that I just lurk.......... And, I should (another should) be able to answer my emails a little quicker too lol!! I suppose one upside of being a 'Lady of Leisure' is that I also should be able to get heaps of sewing done!! hehehehehe.......

x Sarah


Jeannette said...

I have not been working since November, it is hard but so much more time to finish the UFO's. You never know what is around the corner.

mandapanda said...

Oh dear! This financial crisis is so dumb huh? Stupid government. I knew Kevin Rudd was a no good idiot! Anyway, hopefully you'll be able to make time for more crafting, and meybe even make some money from it! Perhaps start an etsy shop or something! Seen any thylacines yet? If you found one, you could probably seel your story to the media for a few cool million!! lol

Suzi-q said...

Oh no sorry to hear that.
I am glad you are looking on the positive side, keep yourself busy, sew, sew, sew.
Is your hubby still employed?
Mine has been out of work for 18 months now and I was very down at one point but we have survived this long so keep a positive mind and check out the patchwork shops as they may need a casual for worked for me and even though you are on your feet all day you don't notice as you are surrounded by all this lovely fabric and your mind is racing with all of these ideas.
Whoops, I'm rambling
take care

barb's creations said...

Sorry to hear about your retrenchment Sarah.Keep your chin up you never know what's around the corner and use your time to concentrate on you and what makes you happy :) Barb.

Jules said...

Well we may be able to get together for a craft day and catch up


Isabella said...

Oh Sarah I hope that you have a good stash to keep you going till you find another job :) just think of all the fun things you can get in to, love Razzy's linner my birthday is on 7th June thats this Sunday :-) :-)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sarah I door closes and another one opens....and I am sure your next door will be a good one...nice to know you are keeping yourself busy....and your journal is just perfect.

Rose said...

Hi Sarah,
So sorry to hear about your retrenchment! Love the ideas journal and Im sure it will be full of wonderful ideas to keep you busy! Enjoy the freedom for a little while, if u go visit Jules let me know and Ill come too!
Hugs xxx


Mmmm hope something new (job) turns up for you soon in the mean time you will, I am sure, get heaps of crafting done.

Christine said...

Hi Sarah. Hope your job situation sorts itself out to your satisfaction. Enjoy your extra time at home ... I'm sure you will keep busy.

PS I usually have Fridays off if you ever fancy a little trip to the coast.