Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Thankyou and lost blocks

Firstly, thankyou SO much for the lovely heart warming comments and emails regarding my job loss..... it has been lovely!! xx

While going through some pics on my camera, I came across these:

These were some Birthday Blocks I made way back in March for a lovely blogger friend and I totally forgot to show!! I totally love the design of this block.... something a little different! I love the pink and brown block - Buggy Barn fabrics!!

So far this week, I have been quite lazy (and I STILL have not got through my back log of emails)....... I have been doing a little stitching - but for 'secret squirrel' stuff.... so I will share soon...........
I hope you all are enjoying your week
x Sarah


mandapanda said...

Oooh! Nice! You should make some more into a nice lap quilt and then sell it! lol
I'm having a Guessing Game Giveaway on my blog! Come over and have a go!
:WARNING: Need to scream my arise

mandapanda said...

lol Sarah you're the closest yet! Tiger snake is this baby's GENUS, not it's common name! lol
Have another go...if no one guesses, then you'll be getting the prize for coming the closest!
Clue: lives in the Northern Territory

Jules said...

I like the green one.