Sunday, 8 February 2009

Progress of Breast Of Friends

Today I thought I would show you my progress on my Breast Of Friends BOM. I have half done the verse - I sat down and watched Billy Elliot last night and stitched away, I have not started the swirls as yet:

I had a surprise visit from a friends Mum today, she had recently been to Melbourne and while out shopping she found the 'perfect gift' for me........ a Schnauzer 2009 Diary!!

How thoughtful!! It is just SO cute!

Just before I sign off, spare a thought to those in Vic facing the devastation of bush fires..... some deliberately lit I might add!! So far, there has been 65 lives lost and many, many homes!! My thoughts are with you all!!
x Sarah


Isabella said...

Thats looking good Sarah, Love your diary it is really cute, those fires leave you with an empty feeling inside, I have never seen a bush fire nor do I want to.

The Faerie Queen said...

That is looking very nice, and I too have never been near a bush fire, I live in the UK. So I can only imagine the horror of what it is like.

Suzi-q said...

Your blocks are looking lovely and the calendar is sooo cute.

Listening to the radio today at work almost brought me to tears hearing how many people have lost so much...a very sad time Vic is having