Saturday, 7 February 2009

Breast of Friends

I thought I would show you a pic of my needle turn on the Breast of Friends BOM! This is only the second time I have done it (the first time was last Feb in a workshop and I was lucky enough to be taught by the lovely Gail Pan!!) and I think it has turned out ok!!

I have just finished tracing off the stitchery and will be working on this as my night time project until this block is completed................... well that is the plan anyway LOL

I hope you all are having a great weekend
x Sarah

PS: I am after a Kaisercraft 'Beyond The Page' booklet - Workshop Issue Number 3....... does anyone know where I can get one or maybe could do an exchange?? These booklets are full of ideas and tips. I have number 1 through to number 14 but missing number 3!


mandapanda said...

It looks great Sarah! Very tweet! lol I also love love love the quilt in your last post! Just beautiful! I don't know where you can get a mag copy though... :(sorry

Isabella said...

Well done Sarah I did Basket at Ulverston which was needle turn havent done anything since. No help re the mag sorry

Deb said...

Sarah, your needleturn looks lovely and so neat. I really must try it again.

Christine said...

Your applique looks excellent. Gail was a great teacher.

Sarah said...

That is beautiful work Sarah - well done. I am just not patient enough to do this quilt.... Way to much on the to do ist.

Jules said...

Well you are one step ahead of me Sarah. I haven't started mine yet. The block looks lovely. Very neat.


julia said...

Hi Sarah,
your block promises to be beautiful!
I've drooled over the new BOM in Homespun - but there's no way I'm doing yet another project...instead I'll enjoy what you'll come up with!
Have a great day,