Friday, 13 February 2009

Updates and a new blogger friend:

There has not bee to much sewing going this past week, but I did manage to finish off the verse on the 'Breast Of Friends' quilt - I was very lucky that I had just enough thread to do it too!! I will give it an iron when it is all done!!

Now, people who know me well, know that I just cant stitch using a hoop....... I find it too slow, well, look here............. I found that stitching the swirls on this block without the hoop made it pucker too much, so I had to unpick some of what I had done and re-do it WITH the hoop!! It does look heaps better too I must say!! But, still slow lol

Looks like I am already behind lol!! I received my latest Homespun mag yesterday!! There is another 2 blocks in this issue - one by Natalie Bird from The Birdhouse..... isn't this block just lovely??!!

And, a block from Rosalie Quinlan:

This weekend I will be sewing up a storm - hopefully!! It will be my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary in March and Roseanne and Myself will be making them a surprise photo quilt (I know we have not got long and we have not even started)!! So stay tuned and I might be able to share some pics tomorrow maybe.........
Another thing - I have stumbled on a 'new blogger' - Kerry. She is in Victoria, very near the fires and she has been sharing some pics....... pop over and say 'hi' here
Ok, I must get going. I will be back over the weekend to share pics of our progress.
x Sarah


Deb said...

Your BOF block looks great. Isn't it strange how all of a sudden you realise when a hoop is actually useful!! I'm like you, there are definite times when you need one and others when I can't stand using one.

Lynda said...

Go the hoop! Took me years to stitch with one and now I wouldn't be without it (except I don't use one for cross stitch). Your block is beautiful.

Rose said...

I cant stitch without a hoop, its like an extra pair of hands to me! I love this block, I saw Jules block the other day and the fabrics r gorgeous!!

Kerry said...

Well done Sarah your stiching looks great, hope the photo quilt is turning out well.
Happy stitching and stay safe

julia said...

Hi Sarah,
ah, the finished block is gorgeous!
Funny thing with hoops - some like it and others can't stand it.
I really can't stitch without a hoop ~ my stitches are (more) irregular and it takes me much more time ;o)
Cheers, Julia