Monday, 19 January 2009

'The' package has been received

It is a little bit late tonight, but I just HAD to do this post!! I am so stuffed today from work, my first day back!! I got so used to being in holiday mode I think LOL!!
Looks like Amanda has received her giveaway package!!

Here is the Tag I made for her..... her chosen colour was green and I LOVE how it turned out!!

And, I thought I would send her a couple of tags I made and I wrote a message on my note pocket. The pocket part can be re-used by putting a little pic in or a note for a friend!!
And, don't forge the camera bag!! I am so glad you liked your prizes Amanda!! No more throwing your camera in your bag without the bag now :=)

Now, just a reminder: If you have not joined Roseanne's giveaway you only have a week left.... so hurry on over and leave a message for a great 'secret prize'!!

x Sarah


Isabella said...

Those things look really good Sarah, Amanda was one lucky lady, hope you get through your week Ok

Dee said...

You have done some gorgeous work there. I too would be excited to get that parcel in the mail. Love your labels.

mandapanda said...

How come your photos of them turned out better than mine? hmmmm...
Thank you so so much Sarah. My mum took my camera today when we went out together and when she pulled it out to take a picture she said "Oh no, we've forgotten the new case!" She'd left it in the car and just taken the camera! lol She loves it too. It fits perfectly btw, did I mention that?

Maree said...

Love your Tags...Great Idea of the Stitched one..Lovely Scrapwork..