Tuesday, 20 January 2009

WISP finished

Here is a belated Xmas gift for my SIL-to be Kate!! I had planned to make this for her for Xmas, but I had SO many projects to get done!! I thought I would get it done just after Xmas and give it to Mum to take home with her to pass on......... It was made from a fabric range called Paris Cats and I knew she loved this as she bought some from a shop at Latrobe!!

I sent a message in one of the note pockets I made in pink and black to match the bag!! (I think I am getting obsessed with these lol)

Pop over to see Kate's lovely Xmas gifts and the VERY SPECIAL gift from Simon - just gorgeous!!
I will pop back tomorrow with some pics of TS - I PROMISE lol
x Sarah


Isabella said...

Tooate Sarah saw that special pressie on her blog it is NICE. I like the bag you made for her.

Catherine said...

The bag is gorgeous, lucky SIL. You really have "gone off" with those tags...how many have you made now??? Will have to have an afternoon making them, perhaps one day after working at the Windy City?? Cathy

mandapanda said...

I like my note tag better! (probably cause it's in green) *smile* thankyou again Sarah!