Sunday, 18 January 2009


Salamanca is such a buy area in Hobart! Only a short walk from the City Centre:

Lovely Buildings:

Shops and Pubs:

I have been to Hobart quite afew times and never actually knew this part of Salamanca existed. Salamanca Court:

A feature in the pond:

Which says:

An alley:

I have one more lot of pics to show you from this trip.........
x sarah


Jo in TAS said...

Here's a bit of local knowledge, the steps at the end of the alley are known as "Kelly's Steps" they link up with Kelly St, Battery Point. The steps were built by convicts, they are well worn!
I was at Salamanca markets yesterday, it was very crowded.

Isabella said...

I thought that was kelly's steps afraid I couldn't manage them now but did used to chase the kids up them a good few years ago now, Was the park St Davids I used to cut throught going home after afternoon shift at 10.30pm folks said I was nuts because of the graves on the back wall LOL

Pauline said...

hi Sarah,
My email not working well..thanks for your email. Hey I tried the 3 column thing, could not get it to work either. Seems the most successful for that is typepad.catchya soon. love the photos

Debs said...

Its good to wonder Salamanca now and again. The coffee shop on corner of Montpelier Retreat opposite the pub is a favorite with our household. Thanks for sharing your pics, Debs.

lzilulu said...

OH! How I love Salamanca....especially the Laundromat Cafe in Salamanca Tasmanians really do live in a beautiful part of Australia....lzilulu xox

keslyn said...

HI Sarah,
I am sure you would have had a great few days away in Hobart, I agree with Liz, Tassie certainly is a wonderful place to live. Do hope you are well rested and ready for work again.
Your friend in stitching
PS Love all the scrap booking you have been doing, especially the tags