Sunday, 7 December 2008

What a weekend!!

What a weekend!! The retreat is over and I have something to show for it - just in the nick of time!! YAY!! Here is a pic of my quilt - will take a better pic tomorrow:

Here is Vicki's quilt - Isn't it just gorgeous...... she used Xmas fabrics.

Here is Pam's quilt (sorry it is a little blurry, I am trying to get used to taking pics on my new phone - yep - forgot the camera!!)
Here is Sonya with hers...... very pretty colours!! Remember this fabric.... she used some from that range, in the centre blocks in 4 of them, she has got some of the beautiful motifs.

Here is Andy's quilt - all ready to stitch together. Lovey antique looking!!

Every quilt looked stunning, and all SO different!! It was SO GREAT finally meeting Kerry, she has been in our Online Sewing Group for a little while now. Here is a pic of Myself and Kerry at the Pauline's shop:

Thankyou Pauline for giving us all the chance to meet Kerry in person and putting on the fantastic workshop. We all had a BALL...... and we all are REALLY looking forward to 'next time'??!!

Kerry, you did an amazing job designing a quilt especially for us, a very challenging quilt, and we all LOVED the end result!! I will not be too scared any more of those tiny pieced quilts - so thankyou for all your help xx

x Sarah


Isabella said...

lovely quilt Sarah you have done a great job, wish I could have been there

Jules said...

WOW!! Fantastic Sarah. The other quilts came up beautifully too. I will have to meet you at calico when you finish it so I can see it up close. Well done.


Gina said...

What beautiful quilts.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jo in Tas said...

They all turned out beautiful!

Chookyblue...... said...

can't wait to see a better pic of your quilt but it looks great......and so do the others.......

Suzi-q said...

Very very nice I must say and the effects the colours have on each quilt makes a different looking design for each. Well done girls

Bec said...

Oh my gosh Sarah that is FANTASTIC! What a great weekend you all had and the quilts look amazing!
Please please post another pic of your quilt, I know from the previous post that the fabrics look oh sew much better than the picture in this post, and would love to see it.
I am off to Kerry's christmas day this Sat, and will (hopefully) be getting some fabrics to make up 'Florence'...yipee!
Bec xxx

keslyn said...

Hi Sarah,
It was soooooooooooooo great to finally meet you, lunch was wonderful on Friday and I enjoyed the workshop, all the quilts look fantastic, even better today when we have time to step back and take a look. I am sure after Christmas you will find time to unpick those little triangles----LOL.........
And by the sound of your ideas to make it larger must mean that you haven't had enough of Flying Geese - not even after 416 LOL
Take care and happy sewing.
Love Kerry

Leanne said...

All those quilts are beautiful, well done to all of you, I love the colurs you have chosen Sarah, you did a great job of your quilt.