Sunday, 9 November 2008

How cool are these??

I forgot to share my purchases from the Deloraine Craft Fair!! I didn't buy much really, just 4 fq's and a couple of these GREAT Scrap booking album kits:

They are SO cute!! You get everything in the kit to make one, you cover the front yourself add the pockets attach ribbon to the tabs and your set!! Here is a pic of the inside. You place your pics and embellishments on the tabs and slide them out to look at....... How cool!!

I bought 2, a small kit and a larger one:

These would be fantastic gifts don't your think??

I have not added any pics as yet, not sure which ones I like yet!!
Thought this would be a nice change from our pics of our trip on Friday, but hope to be back tomorrow to show you Tasmazia!!
x Sarah

PS: Just thought I would mention that Lynda has a 100th Post Giveaway which is drawn tonight, so be quick if you want to be in the draw to win!!


Isabella said...

I like, I used to S/B but over did it LOL still carry my camera.

Catherine said...

That will teach me to walk past a stall...were they from Creative Memories? Cathy