Saturday, 8 November 2008

More of Latrobe

Reliquaire - What a place!! This shop needs to be seen to be believed!!

The shop has MANY rooms filled to the brim with all sorts of stuff - every room has a theme. Once inside you are greeted with some free homemade fudge by the staff in costume. YUMMY!! When we went into the very first room, we came across this BEAUTIFUL dolly!! Isn't she just lovely??!!

In another room there were LOTS of Betty Boop stuff - little compact mirrors, statue's, photo frames etc.

Looks at these HUGE dolls: Different huh!!

This place does not only have dolls, bears, statues but has jewelery, kids games, soaps, water features, coffee, books - EVERYTHING!!

What do you think of that place??
x Sarah
PS: While down that way, we were about to pass Deloraine so we decided to drop into that 50's Diner again - can you believe it....... It was CLOSED!! Not having any luck with that!! It said on the door open Saturday - Thursday!!


Isabella said...

Allways get a laugh in there, did you check out the lace shop and Selina's (picture Patchwork) I love the lace shop, hope you are looking after your visitors LOL

Pauline said...

Hey Sarah,
I have never seen that diner open yet to be honest! I took my friend to reliquaire for the first time a few weeks ago...I love it!! I couldnt find her, she was outside, it was too claustrophobic for her..rofl..I am with isabella..I love the lace shop. Love the fabrics from Picture Patchwork. Oh and Isabella come to visit with me yesterday...she is cool..said to say hello to ya!

Catherine said...

Reliquaire is one of my daughters favourite shops!! They both love it!! I find it a bit messy for my ordered brain...but good for a snoop around!! Cathy

Lynda said...

It definitely is not to be missed. We loved it.

Bev C said...

We loved this shop when we went to Tassie two years ago. The lady at the Don railways told us about it. Spent an enjoyable couple of hours exploring this shop. The kids tried on some costumes. I bought a leadlight butterfly lamp from there, just had to have something to remember the shop by.

Roseanne said...

Been there and i did love it thing ever were. Well i bet you all had a fun day.