Wednesday, 11 July 2012

80's make up.... for craft!

Do you still have some 80's makeup?  I do..... It comes in handy for craft purposes!  Seriously!

Yup..... Great for blusher for doll faces!

Check out this gorgeous Angel..... She is a Tilda Doll!  I *love* her!  She was finished Monday night:

Carrying a spray of sea shells:

I have to keep my eye on her when Mum visits.  She wants to take her home!

If you are going to the Burnie Friendship Day on Saturday, your in for a treat!  She will be on display there as I have a full range of Tilda doll kits available which I am taking with me.  I cant decide which girl is my favourite - they are all SO adorable!  For anyone else interested in purchasing one, you can email me before hand OR wait until Sunday as I will list them on my site then - if there is any left!!


shez said...

so cute Sarah,i love tilda too.xx

De said...

So glad that she has "arrived" She looks very sweet!

Lib said...

Good use of the make up, Sarah. Pity Burnie is so far away!

Vicki said...

She looks great, sarah - can't wait to meet her :)

Janelle said...

Hi sarah,

She is just gorgeous i love tilda too.

Bec said...

She is just gorgeous Sarah! Love seeing the Tilda stuff coming into your shop, so pretty and a bit different to what is usually available here in Australia.