Saturday, 24 December 2011

My gift

We have a new wine cabinet! I had wanted one for a while and found the perfect one from Chrisco! It came last Saturday morning, right to our door! We found a spot in the hallway, just as you enter the Dining Room. I now want to get a canvas/painting for just above it. We have spotted some we like, just have to decide which one to purchase. And, I thought I might make myself a black, cream and red table runner over my holidays, as the pictures we like had red in it..... Then low and behold, when we stopped at Calico Crossroads yesterday, Pauline surprised us with a gift.... A table runner - black, cream and RED!

It fits perfectly!!

I have a Christmas one on it at the moment, but come Boxing Day, I will put my new one on!

THANKYOU so much Pauline. I really, REALLY *love* it xx

I also wanted to wish you all a wonderful, magical Christmas! Don't eat too much!

See you Boxing Day with some pics of some goodies swapped!

x Sarah


Anonymous said...

Sarah its funny how the univerese works sometimes,lol,enjoy tomorrow.xx

DAWNIE said...

oh what a lovely surprise. gorgeous table runner and just love your new cupboard.

nima said...

wow..lovely table runner...your new wine cabinet looks awesome...Merry christmas to you and yours..

Roseanne said...

I love my table runner that Pauline made for me to. Yours look very nice on your new wine cabinet, do you think that wine is going to stay there think again I now were it is now so watch out LOL..

Pauline said...

I love my pressie too sarah..thank you.....have to say that looks pretty nice on there.....hahah.have a great tomorrow mate.thank you again for my retreat seat I love it

Mary said...

Lovely wine cabinet, and great runner. Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy new year.

Bec said...

It looks fantastic Sarah, and love your sideboard you put the runner on.