Friday, 17 December 2010

Work Christmas

Lots have been going on here the past week or so! Today was my first day of holidays (though I need to go back on Tuesday to finish up a couple of things), so I spent the whole day sewing..... And, I got heaps done too! I finished my FIS Secret Santa gift (will show you a sneak peep later), 2 other little pressies and will add some borders to a quilt shortly!

Today I thought I would show you what I gave everyone at work. Some Reindeer Poop (my SIL Judy gave me some last year).

Everyone thought they were a hoot! It is actually some chocolate covered sultanas in the bags......

And, I managed to whip up another 4 Baskets..... Two have already found a new home!

I love making these, they are quick and easy and look great filled with treats!

I had been going crazy trying to get everything done, but I have resigned myself to 'whatever gets done gets done, whatever doesn't, doesn't"!! I even told Mum she may get a 'flimsy' for Christmas...... She said I might too! lol!
I hope you all have enjoyed your week.
x Sarah


Vicki said...

Little bags look great and I must remember the reindeer poop for school next year! See you, Razzy and your Mum on Thursday at 1230!
Picking Auntie up on the way :)

Isabella said...

What a hoot Sarah loved it

paulette said...

Love the scoop! Your bags are incredible!! Well done!

Roseanne said...

You have been very busy with the reindeer !!poop!! and your little bags.