Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas Sewing

Promised a week or so ago, here are some pics of my latest hand stitching efforts, for Christmas gifts. No not 3, there are 6 finished here, another started, and another traced off ready to go, so 8 in total will be made (if I can stop at that many!)!

I had been doing these on my breaks at work, and at home. The Christmas Goose baskets from here. Last year I went crazy and made a ton of the Bon bons for little gifts, they were such a hit!

I also whipped up this stitchery a couple of days ago, to be made into another gift, which I actually finished last night! One OPAM so far for November!!

Yucky weather here today, I will try and get a pic of that tomorrow!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
x Sarah


Christine said...

Look forward to seeing your finished geese. I put this design on some of my bon-bons last year. Sure they'll be a hit again.

Isabella said...

They look great Sarah, I cant find either of those patterns yet I remember getting them from you :(

Julie Fukuda said...

Very pretty redwork.