Sunday, 15 August 2010

Paper Bag Swap

This is what I received from Helen for the Paper Bag Swap:

2 gorgeous FQ's, Doily, Rose Trim, a gold button and some Freddo's! Yum! Thanks Helen xx

I did have in mind something to make for Helen, but now I am not too sure as the doily has 'thrown' me a little......

Don't panic Helen I will sort something out LOL! Any suggestions?

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I have just finished putting everything away in my sewing room, and now you can see the floor! YAY!! But, you don't want to see in the cupboards - boxes, bags and tubs everywhere! Spent nearly an hour looking for my design wall..... Now that is found, I will get Dennis to pin it up for me.

x Sarah


Suzi-q said...

Looks interesting and a great challenge for you.

I was going to ask, what your design wall is made of...batting? if so what type do you find has the best 'hold'

DAWNIE said...

Hi Sarah, is great to see what our partners send. You will put something great together no doubt with these lovelies.

Roseanne said...

Very nice fabric. Have to wait to see what you make from the fabric and Doily, button and trim.

Bec said...

Very pretty! Not sure about ideas, LOL, need some of those here myself!

Linda said...

Very pretty!