Sunday, 22 August 2010


Saturday, I dropped into Calico Crossroad's to pick up my new Quilt Ladder! Isn't it gorgeous!!

At the moment, I have it in my quilting room with some of my samples on:

I have been eyeing off the coat rack to match......... to hang my handmade bags on....... debating, debating.........
No sewing this weekend! Actually, none this past week! My latest project is a knitted pair of socks and I am only half way through my first one! I will pop back and show you another time!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!
x Sarah


Suzi-q said...

Love the ladder, I have seen the quilt stands like these but not the ladders

Christine said...

Very nice, Sarah ... the ladder and the quilts.

Roseanne said...

Very nice. The ladder would look good in your new home

Kerri said...

That is a gorgeous ladder. I have a spot for it over here if you wold like lol.