Sunday, 4 April 2010

Today............ Happy Easter

Today I have had quite a lazy day! Just pottering around and actually done some baking!
For lunch today, I made these Savoury Scones:

They are not make the usual way:
4C SR Flour
300ml Cream
375ml Soda Water (I used Lemonade)
1/2C with a mix of onion, bacon, cheese, pepper and herbs.
Sift SR Flour into a bowl, place all the other ingredients in and mix well to make a dough. Kneed slightly and roll out and cut with a scone cutter. Place into a 200deg oven until just lightly brown!
Makes approx 18 (I made a double batch)

Easy peasy and SO light and fluffy!

And, I didn't stop there! I also made these mini Lemon Cheesecakes too!

I had these last time I was in Burnie at Vicki's home. Christine made them and we all loved them! I have made them quite afew times since, very hand to keep in the freezer to take to work!
Here is what you need:
250g Cream Cheese, Softened
280g Jar Lemon Butter
8 Butternut Snap Cookies (though I have tried them with other sweet biscuits and they work just fine too)
Line 8 holes of a Muffin Tray with Muffin cases, place the biscuit's flat side up in each. Using an electric mixer, beat cheese until creamy, then add the lemon butter. mix until nice and creamy. Spoon mixture onto biscuit's and freeze for 2-3hours or until firm. 5 mins before serving, remove paper and serve with a dollop of cream and some raspberries on top! YUMMO!!
Makes 8 (and yes, I made a double batch!)

I hope your day has been eggcellent as mine!
x Sarah


jeanette h said...

yummo i will be having a go at the little cheese cakes i also will make a double batch lol. I had a drive around the street you are building in and wow your house looks hugh plenty of room for heaps of matterial and such lol happy easter sarah x

Roseanne said...

You have so much there. I think you can give me some. A scone or 2

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Yummy Sarah....the scones sound delicious and I have made the mini cheesecakes before they are very moreish...Happy Easter Sarah....Peg xx

Maggey and Jim said...

You are making me hungry.. Yummo is right

welsh penny said...

Another yumm from me Sarah!Are they the cheese cakes you taught Dad to make? You will have to teach him the scones next time,mine are always a bit hard. mum

Astrid said...

SIGH! I haven't had my breakfast yet and looking at these photos makes me starving! :)