Sunday, 18 April 2010

Quilting and Update for DAD

I have been doing HEAPS of quilts lately for some ladies around here, this one being Mrs. GM. This was an Easter Gift for a friend of Mrs. GM - how lucky!!:

Nice fabrics! This is from the Madeira by Blackbird Designs range (I have a Jelly Roll here of that range, I really must make something from it!!).

I have some more pics of others, and will show you later in the week.
Here are some pics for Dad - HI Dad xx (and to anyone else interested LOL). Mum tells me that Dad checks my blog for house updates, so I went over today to take some pics:
The roof is on, windows in, and silver paper (blue paper actually) is on..... next step, bricking? Hopefully this week!

Here is a shot from the front door (Dennis & Sophie in the lounge room!):

Front and side view:

And, our entertaining 'alfresco' area!! YAY!!

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoying your weekend! I have done a little bit of sewing..... made 20 stars (need 30), started on my FIS Bag Swap, finished the Blush Blocks..... sorry Mum, haven't started the Mother's Day gift LOL
x Sarah


welsh penny said...

Thanks Sarah,great pictures of the house and wow,lots of work done.Won't be long now, you will soon be in there decorating your new home with some of your lovely quilts! mum ps..Maderia Jell roll still? I would kill for a Decadent Victorian one!

Cubby House Crafts said...

Gosh your house is coming along!!Must be so exciting for you! Thats one long hallway...Sophie looks like a little dot!lol!

clare's craftroom said...

Your house is coming along beautifully ! I love your wide hallway I don't like squishy ones .
Hi Sarahs Dad !

Kerri said...

wow Sarah, Your house is coming along fast. Always exciting seeing things happening. Where the pick of your quilting room???

Love the quilt to. So missing my sewing machine.

Jacqueline said...

Your house is going up fast. I hear mum got a bit tipsy at your house. You should no that wine and mum don't mix... LOL

Katrina said...

Hi Sarah, WOW... your house is coming along very nicely. It looks quite big from the picture with dennis and sophie in it. It's going to be a lovely house. One day we'll be back for a look lol.. Take Care Katie xox

Bec said...

The Maderia range quilt your customer made is just beautiful, such a lovely range....
Your house is coming along well! Very exciting!