Friday, 19 March 2010


On Wednesday, I received a lovely email from my Blogger Buddie Lisa, congratulating me for my letter for Homespun Mag:

There was a pic of my Yuletide Faerie doll that won 1st prize in the local show!! How exciting! And, congratulations to Teresa for winning the pattern pack for her letter!! And, there was another blogger featured there too.... Bev!! How funny, 3 bloggers for the first 3 letters in the mailbag section!!
Tonight is the night for opening our recent swap gift, so I shall pop back tomorrow with some pics of what I made and what I received...... My package is sitting here, still un-opened since yesterday. And, I haven't been tempted at all!
x Sarah


Jo in TAS said...

I think bloggers are taking over the craft mag scene! Great Work Sarah!

Christine said...

Congrats. Lovely to see your gorgeous dollie in my favourite magazine.

Bec said...

I saw both you and Teresa in Homespun too! Very exciting to see members of our stitching group in Homepsun! I didn't realise Beth was a blogger, WOW, bloggers everywhere! Great to see.

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah, Yes wasn't it great to see all the bloggers there in Homespun. Have a great day.