Saturday, 17 October 2009

Show results

First prize!! How exciting! My Yuletide Faerie won first prize at the local show! You may remember that I made 2 of these recently, one for Helen and one for myself! The pattern for her was in the Xmas In July edition of Homespun and the designer was Country Keepsakes:

Here she is, with her 'sash' looking pretty pleased with herself!

And, I won 2nd prize for this:

Buttons & Bows designed by the lovely Gail Pan! This was one of the Evendale Winter Gathering patterns Gail designed for the day.

Remember this quilt? It was a joint effort with Roseanne helping me make this for my in-laws (her parents) for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We both pieced it all together and done some applique and then I hand quilted it:

We thought it turned out pretty good, so decided to enter it in the show as well..... and we won 2nd prize!! How exciting! I was thinking of sewing the ribbon on the back, across ways - one edge sewn in the bottom corner and the other edge on the side...... what do you think?

You can imagine my surprise when I returned home to find 3 ribbons waiting for me - though I only really have half of the Anniversary Quilt lol! I was pretty 'chuffed'!
This afternoon was spent putting some borders on a quilt I am working on, but cant really show you all just yet.... in time :+)
I have drawn out the winners of my Store's Giveaway, I will not post the winners just yet, as I will contact them first...... Keep an eye out, it may be YOU!!
x Sarah


Jo in TAS said...

WooHoo! Well done! Good on you for supporting your local show.

Kylie said...

Congrats on your prizes. They are very well deserved. Love your Faerie - she is very cute. Kylie

barb's creations said...

Congratulations!! Love your faerie doll I must have missed her in my July Homepun,how remiss.I'll have to go and check her out now and maybe make one up for myself :) barb.

Isabella said...

Very well done Sarah, and Razzy

helbel19 said...

Well done Sarah, thats so exciting and wow I have a prize winning doll too..... yahooooo. lol


Scottish Nanna said...

Well done Sarah How exciting for you.I have seen these quilts with photos on them at quilt show'sI just love them I wish I knew how to do them they would be A good family gift to pass on over the years you are so clever.
Hugs Mary.
PS you can tell I am only learning.

Roseanne said...

well done Sarah on your doll in the show. Well done to both of us with the quilt

Sarah said...

Hey well done! What a great lot of prizes there!