Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Today, when I came home from work ,there was a little pressie waiting for me in my letter box. When I opened the envelope this beautifully wrapped gift popped out:

And, once I opened it, look what I found:

A Loyalty Card Holder, made for me by my Blogger Buddie Lisa!! Love how she put in a selvage too!!

Isn't it just SO nice?!! I had always planned to make myself one, but just never got around to actually making myself one! THANKYOU Lisa, I really, really love it!
x Sarah
PS: If you are into Giveaways, pop over to Amanda's.... she has a great one going at the moment!!


mandapanda said...

*I WANT that button she used! You know I collect vintage buttons right?* How darling is that? I also love the selvage added! Great idea for using up extra scaps and binding!
Hey, you know it's really funny! I almost clicked on that link until I realized that "Amanda" was me! lol my bad!
Oh hey, my babies hatched!! I sent you some photos! Enjoy!!!

Sarah said...

that is really sweet... something I need as well - sigh - on the to make list...

Jan said...

Oh you lucky girl that is lovely ...love Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Awww how special to have this little gift made just for you.
Just gorgeous too.

Cubby House Crafts said...

So pleased you liked your loyalty wallet Sarah! Lisa

Bec said...

What a beautiful surprise gift! Lovely!

Maggey and Jim said...

I love that..lucky you