Sunday, 22 November 2009

Workshop Pics *image heavy*

Well, it's over! What a fun sewing weekend we all had!

Once we all arrived on Saturday morning, Kerry had told us she had good intentions of making us all a little thread bin as a gift, but she did not have the time...... so instead we all made our own gift from her (she supplied us all with a couple of fabric squares) LOL...... This actually was a better way to go as we all got to see how to make one of these! GREAT, quick and easy gifts made in a flash! Thankyou Kerry for showing us all, I think they were a hit! And, I can tell you, mine was full by the end of the weekend lol:

Here is our table..... 'stuck in the naughty corner' (or really, just close to the food and coffee lol)....Vicki (who tells me she is going to get back into blogging), Sue, Sue and Christine:

These pics are pieces of Sue's quilt..... she didn't get to finish her top. She did lay it on top of the original and it looked stunning (I didn't get a pic of it on the wall, I was too busy sewing :+) I am really looking forward to seeing it finished some day!

Here is Kerry's original.... named 'Georgetown Circle':

Here is Lisa's quilt. The colours in this looked SO nice! She was the first to finish as she had to dash off early!

Her is Sue's (there were 3 Sue's in the class). Love this blue and brown combo:

Now, this lady - Debbie chose brights and Whoa.... did this look great! The blue in the pic does seem to be a bit brighter than it really is in real life. The black really, really made this quilt I think!

Here is Vicki's quilt. She wanted a terracotta and navy theme and I think this really turned out great! The colours went really well with each other!

Here is Sonja's quilt! I really like this one! The colours really worked well together! I hope Sonja this gets you enthused back into doing your Tassie Bound........

Here is Mavis's quilt. I can say that I normally don't like black and white, but this turned out a treat! The blue, red and green in the centre really made it!

I am pretty sure I have more quilt pics on my camera (and, I know I didn't get a couple of the quilts too - from our table Sue (who used a real pretty selection of fabrics) and Christine - who used Rouenneries and it will look just stunning I am sure!), but I shall wait until tomorrow to show you all - along with mine (I need to press mine first!).
Thankyou Kerry for teaching us this beautiful quilt xx And, thankyou to Pauline for feeding us all that beautiful food (that slice was VERY nice wasn't it Christine ;+) and organising this class in your shop..... we all had a fantastic time xx
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend
x Sarah


Christine said...

You got great pictures of the quilts. Always amazes me how a design can look so different(and FANTASTIC) in different fabrics.
Can't wait to see yours finished ... sure we won't have to wait long to see it. You are such a dynamo on the machine! Hope I can get mine together soon ... I am so in love with the Rounneries fabrics.

PS. Must agree that slice was VERY delicious.

Pauline said...

personally, I cant see how you girls can eat something so SWEET!!!! ugh...but yeah we did have a fun weekend didnt always with Miss Kerry...relaxed and fun..I enjoyed it too and would have some pics just to find my camera cable..grrrrrrr

Tozz said...

Its amazing how different the quilts look in different colours...fabulous :) Sounds like a good time was had by all too :)

teresa said...

Great photos Sarah. The quilts are gorgeous. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Would love to see the quilt in the Rounneries that range xx Great catching up with last Friday night

Gloria J W said...

Isn't if fun to see the different colout combos? Loved them all.. one day I will expose the "Road Kill" that I have lurking... waiting to be finished... That will be a high day and a holiday!!
Rainbow smiles :-} Gloria