Sunday, 22 November 2009

Out and about.........

Saturday night seen afew of us bloggers and swappers out for tea! We went to a place called Blue Cafe Bar at Invermay Launceston, I had not been there before and it was very nice!
Here we are: Me, Roseanne, Christine, Kerry, Vicki and Sue:

Here are Myself, Kerry and Vicki.....

Myself and Christine:

And Roseanne (after we got home!)

Off for the last Workshop day...... Hopefully I will have a quilt top to show you all - and I will take some pics of the other ladies too - some of the fabrics the ladies have picked will be just gorgeous!!
Enjoy your Sunday!
x Sarah


MARYNAN said...

Sarah, have fun with our Kerry, and send her back safely to the Tuesday Girls!!! Tell her to enjoy the cooler weather. We have been ssoooooooo hot this week. I have done lots of swimming in our pool!!!!!

Christine said...

I enjoyed our meal. The food and company were great. Roseanne is such a character! You are lucky to have such a fun SIL.