Thursday, 1 October 2009

Shop Update

Hey everyone! Not much to share here at the moment! I have been doing a little (and I do mean little!) of hand stitching. I will share when I have a bit more of it done lol!
When I was packing my bag, ready for our trip, I did put some fabric in to make a quilt top (using Mum's sewing machine), but haven't really done any of that as yet either..... though I have cut out all of the blocks (after a little mishap - tell you later!)

On shop news, I just thought I would let you all know that Leanne's House brand new pattern 'Butterflies and Blossom' is on its way to me YAY!! These are GORGEOUS, stitched doilies. I have already uploaded these onto the site so you can pre-order them now to secure your pattern, if you are interested in pattern click here. I also have kits for the Butterfly Doily (the one on the bottom). If you are interested in the kit click here.

Also on its way, is Rosalie Quinlan's new book 'A Stitch In Time'! Quilts, Dolls, Birdies, Canisters and Stitcheries and I will be selling these for $25.

Both will be here early next week.
Now, as I am holidays, there will be a slight delay in processing your order. I have my lovely SIL Roseanne looking after things back home, and she is doing a great job! She is doing her absolute best in being as quick as she possibly can, so please be patient.
x Sarah


Jo in TAS said...

Enjoy those holidays, see you nack here looking all tanned and refreshed. My holidays start in approximately 63 minutes! Yippee!! Good on razzy for helping you out too!

Jo in TAS said...

That should have said back not nack! see I really do need a holiday!

Pauline said...

hope you having a great time pics look great!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Sarah! Just popped in to let you know my charm squares I ordered from you arrived safe and sound today. (no thanks to my hammer-throw-wanna-be postie - see me post for explanation!!) They are even more yummy in person than on line and I can't wait to start working with them ... as soon as I manage to decide which of a hundred projects to use them for! :0) So for now, I'm fondling them and enjoying! Have a great holiday! Bear Hugs! KRIS