Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dolly time

It has been a long while since I have made any dolls! I had all intentions for making a couple of dolls for the local show here in October and have only just got around to making them! I totally *love* this gal! Here name is Lottie and she is a Country Keepsakes pattern.

She is Florence's cousin:

This is one of three dolls (different designs) that I have had on the go this past week or two ....... I have just finished another doll which I can not show you all just yet, and have nearly finished the third, so I will post a pic once it is finished!
Terrible weather here..... TONS of rain! We went to Launceston today and there was SO much water laying in the paddocks! Hopefully it will ease up soon!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend
x Sarah


Roseanne said...

o what a lovely little girl lottie is, Just love her sweett little face. Looks like she is all ready for her big adventure to the Launceston show.

Christine said...

Lovely Lottie. She had such a sweet face.

barb's creations said...

I love Lottie,how gorgeous is she.You've got my creative urge up and running to make another doll.I haven't made a new one for ages! :) Barb.

Jan said...

I love those dolly eyes - all wide-eyed and wondering. Great job, Sarah! Happy packing and moving; do hope everything goes smoothly; where are you off to? Our timing for our own personal big events is similar; it's 3 weeks yesterday till Pete and I fly out for our trip (3 nights each in Singapore, Hongkong and Shanghai; 5 nights with our daughter Rosy in Shenzhen, back home to work and total exhaustion!)

Bec said...

Lottie is just beautiful Sarah. You are one fabulous doll maker!