Sunday, 7 June 2009

Giveaways and Bday's

Firstly, I would like to wish the lovely Isabella a BEAUTIFUL Birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day xx If you click on the pic, it will take you to her lovely blog!

Also, I thought I would share the news that I won Amanda's Giveaway for choosing the right snake...... well, chose the GENUS name not the common, but I did get the correct snake! YAY!!

AND, I also 'won' the 'traveling table runner' pattern from Cathy!! The deal is, once you make it, you blog that it is ready to be on the move again, and anyone who wants it, comments, then I sent it to the 'winner'! Cool!! I look forward to making it..........

Am I on a winning streak..... Do you reckon I should buy a lotto ticket??

I hope you are enjoying your weekend - its a long one here...... plenty of sewing time :+)

x Sarah


Isabella said...

Thankyou soo much Sarah

teresa said...

Hi Sarah,
what was that about not needing a warm quilt up here in Queensland?? It was 12 degrees here this morning!! ha ha! I have to keep shooing the cats off the quilt so I can get under it. Actually in all fairness, last winter I think we had 3 cold days!!!!!! Hope you are keeping well, Teresa xx