Monday, 8 June 2009

Busy, Busy.....

Blogger is being a pain today!!

Anyway..... I spent 2 1/2 hours this afternoon cutting up my Amy Butler fabric range Midwest Modern that I bought SO long ago:

And they have become this:

Ange and Myself are doing a 'Coin Quilt' Challenge. I am not using a pattern, as I want a certain size, but Ange is doing the free Moda pattern here. We have both decided to have this done by mid August........ Anyone else interested in joining us??

Now, I am yet to locate my homespun......... my sewing room is a shambles at the moment!! lol
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
x Sarah


Catherine said...

Gorgeous fabrics Sarah! Why is it called a Coin Quilt?? Cathyx

teresa said...

Thank you! Thank you! As you may have noticed on my blog over the last few months I have had 4 baby quilts to make and I now have another 2 to make. I've been making raggy edge baby quilts, but after 4 I need a change. LOVE the free Stacked Coins baby quilt pattern and I can't wait to get started..xx

teresa said...

Hey Sarah, that shrinky stuff (I'm sure it has a proper name!) is sold by the is a lot of fun to play with and the results are fantastic..Yes I guess I am up for the coin quilt challenge (which is exactly.......)

Renee said...

what a pretty range to use in a coin quilt... I've been wanting to make a coin quilt for ages...hmmm!