Sunday, 3 May 2009

An Autumn Gathering with friends....

Saturday found me up bright and early (5.15am to be exact) ready for my journey to the Quilted Crow Gathering all the way down Campania. I headed off at 6.15am to pick Cathy and a couple of her friends - Sue and Giselle on my way. We arrived ready to begin at 10am to the hall quite full of eager stitchers:

The stage of the hall was decked out with heaps of great fabrics/patterns etc, all from Leonie and Deidre's store, The Quilted Crow. It all looked beautiful:

The guest tutors for the day were Helen Stubbings and Natalie Ross. What great projects they had on offer:
Here are Deidre's projects, an applique or punchneedle mini backpacks and a dolly:

Helen's projects were cupcake tea towels, mug bag, mini cupcakes:

And a colourque doily (pic courtesy of Fiona - mine did not turn out so well):

Natalie's stand:

I cant seem to find a pic of Leonie's table runner.........

I will show you tomorrow what project I started on, I am just loving it! Here is some items I bought - afew fq's, a pattern of one of Natalie's Xmas Bags - they are just SO cute!! And I got a sewline glue stick - these things are just fantastic - it came in handy with the project I started!

The theme for the day was 'Cupcakes' if you had not already guessed, and on all our tables they had placed some lovely cupcake holders to put our cupcakes on. The holders were for sale at the end of the day.
On my way home, I grabbed something for tea and arrived home just before 7.30 and was in bed by 9pm! I was totally pooped lol
That will be it for today's post. I will be showing off some more pics tomorrow.
x Sarah


Anonymous said...

Looks like heaps of fun.

Christine said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks for sharing all your piccies .. looks like you had a lovely time. Hope I can make the next one too.
Looking forward to tomorrows post and more yumminess.

Maree said...

Looked like a Great Day...with those Yummy Cupcakes who wouldn't...lovely Purchases too...

Jules said...

One of those days where you don't mind getting up early and being home Lovely.


Pauline said...

wow mate, looks like you guys had a ball...just read cathys too.What a great day out..might get to it one year the projects too..cheers

Catherine said...

Thank you again Sarah, we sure did have a great day!! Looking forward to October already!! Cathyxx
(PS..have your ears stopped ringing yet....I told you she could talk!!! lol)