Thursday, 9 April 2009

Good Friday update:

You may have noticed that I have a new 'Breast Of Friends' button on my sidebar..... The other day I received a lovely email from Catherine Sanchez from Homespun asking if I would like to attach this lovely button to my blog and link it to the Mag to show that I am participating in this fantastic BOM!! She also informs me that there is also a forum on the website where women are consulting about their BOMs so hop on there and you’ll be able to see everybody’s different blocks. So, if you are doing this lovely BOM and have not had an email from Catherine, please feel free to take it and add it to your sidebar:

As I have STILL only done the very first block, I decided to get number 2 ready to go..... here it is:

So, this is what I will be working on for my 'night time' sewing....... I wonder how long it will take me??!!
I hope you are enjoying your Good Friday.......
Until tomorrow
x Sarah


trelly said...

Hi Sarah! thank you for the photo, I put it on my blog, I love this BOM. Kisses from Spain

Catherine said...

This is looking good. I have bought the fabric and the I just need to start! Hoping to start this weekend!! Cathy

clare's craftroom said...

Lovely I look forward to seeing them as you progress , Happy Easter .

mandapanda said...

Yay! I really do want to see it all come together, as I think the sentiment behond all the blocks is just wonderful!