Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday Update:

With the Easter break nearly over, I thought I would share how much I have done of the 2nd block of the Breast Of Friends quilt:

Not that much!! The blanket stitch applique is done..... that's it!! I have my weaveline ironed on the back ready to do the stitching........ I hope to have this finished for the weekend so I can put the borders on and maybe trace out the next......

That is not all I did, I did manage to finish the top for my Cotton Blossoms quilt, it is on my quilt frame at the moment - ready for me to quilt it! It may be the last quilt I quilt on my frame, I have ordered myself a new one (woohoo) and will be ready for me to pick up in afew weeks, so I will be putting my old one up for sale very soon!

I do hope you all had a great Easter.
x Sarah


trelly said...

Good morning Sarah! the fabrics are very beautiful. I love the Cotton Blossoms fabrics too, I have a yards reserved for a special project. Kisses from Spain

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy girl over the Easter Break. Isn't it a pitty it goes so fast.

Jules said...

Keep going with those blocks Sarah. you'll catch me soon. I haven't started block 5 yet. I just find other things to do instead of the