Monday, 3 November 2008

What do you think??

Last night, I decided to give my Blog a good 'Spring Clean'!! What do you think??

Yesterday moring I went to the Launceston Airport to pick Simon and Kate up. It was great seeing them, the last time that we had seen him was just over 2 years ago and Kate, we had never met, only spoken on the phone and had emailed each other!! From the Airport we went to the Deloraine Craft Fair - which was a little disappointing - not much quilty things there!! In Deloraine there is the 50's Diner, I had been there before and thought we would pop in for lunch:

Can you believe it..... it was CLOSED!! Deloraine was buzzing with people and that place was closed!! Simon and Kate were REALLY looking forward to going there too!! Oh well, maybe next time!!

On the way home we dropped into Calico Crossroads, where I bought some Ric-Rac and paid the balance for the Workshop with Kerry Swain!! I am really looking forward to that!

On the sewing front, I have managed to stitch 2 of these hearts for dear friends who have lost this past month:

Next, I am making a Xmas Tree Ornie for Sue, then doing the stitchery for another gift or two...... more later!!

x Sarah


Suzi-q said...

COOL!! I love the paisley very modern

Stina said... much quilty things and no dinner at that place...oh...still hope you had a good time!! :o)
The blog is wonderful....:o)
Love the little stitcheries too...:o)

Lynda said...

Hope you're having a great time with your brother and Kate.

Roseanne said...

Your blog look good Sarah like it all.

Catherine said...

Very impressive new blog...that is on my to do list...probably in the holidays!! Typical Tas...fancy not being open!! I agree with you about the Craft patchworky stuff!! Cathy

Jules said...

Hi Sarah,
don't change your songs....... My 7yr old daughter knows when I am on your site as her favourite song plays.....'Bubbly' I have to listen to the whole song while she sings it to me. Very cute.


Bec said...

Very funky!
I guess you will have to share the 50s diner with us another day then.... hint hint!
Can you email me?
Bec xxx

Mandi said...

Looks very nice...tho have to admit I have been visiting lately so will have some catching up to the green