Saturday, 1 November 2008

Some more show and tell - SNOWMEN

Today I thought I would show you all some of the Snowmen I have made over the last couple of years - some for me and some for gifts!! I just LOVE snowmen and have quite a few!!
Here is a teeny weeny Snowman Ornie:

Not sure of the designer of this one, don't you just love the stitchery front??!!

This one's name is 'Frostbite' isn't he just gorgeous?? He is one of my favourites!!

This cute prim gal is a Primraggs design! Primraggs sells E-patterns which are sent via email and the patterns are SO easy to follow - I have quite a collection of their designs.

Thankyou for looking!!
On another note, my Mum - Gail has finally updated her blog!! OMG!! What a SHOCK!! Mum keeps telling both Roseanne and Myself all the things she has been making, but we were unsure if it was actually true lol!! So, she has FINALLY put some pics up, and what can I say, I am VERY impressed LOL!!! Her work is just fantastic....... Pop over to have a look
x Sarah
PS: One more sleep until my Brother and his GF arrives!!


Isabella said...

ok Sarah send some my way:0) they are all really nice as usual "cleaver Girl YOU"

Stina said...

Wow...loved your snowmen... I have made one of them too... with the bird in the him too...
And have ti check the e-patterns out...loved the prim one!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Who can resist such cute snowmen!

helbel19 said...

Its lovely to look back at some of our earlier projects, I love snowmen too, they are so cute.


Isabella said...

realy love the last little girl one also love your new page really nice my fav colour green green and more gren lol

Conibaer said...

Wow! I love them all!!!

Bec said...

How cool! (yes, the pun is intended *grin*)
quilter going bananas makes a few snowmen, though hers are more pieced and appliqued...
The last was is very cute!
Bec xxx