Friday, 29 August 2008

A little trip to Exeter

Yesterday, both Roseanne and myself dropped into Calico Crossroads at Exeter for 'supplies'!! Set on the main road at Exeter in an 'American Barn' Pauline sells quilting fabric, patterns, bears, beading supplies and LOTS of great country wares:

I got some lovely fabric to make myself 'Florence' - the body is completed!!
I also found this GREAT Moda Simplicity 'plastic' type fabric. This would be great for aprons etc, but I thought it would make great toiletry bags??!! I see the Stitchers Angels designer this week is Natalie, so pop on over and check out her GREAT free pattern!!

x Sarah
PS: to Derriere, the pattern I used for the tag was a Leanne's House design and the pattern is called 'To Georgia Love Mummy'. The letters were a bit big for what I wanted, so I reduced it to 75%. Leanne's blog give heaps of stockists of her patterns :o)


Pauline said...

Hey Sarah,
Thats a fine looking store that one. LOL Thanks for visiting. cheers

keslyn said...

Oh Sarah, I spoke to Pauline today, I am jealous of her barn, I wanted a red one but my husband said it would get too hot. Thanks for sharing the photos with us all.
Maybe I might see it for real very soon
Take care
Chat room is very quite tonight

Bec said...

Love the fabric for Florence!
So, where are the inside shots of Calico Crossroads??????
Pauline's barn looks very similar to Cottage on the Hill, lots of space inside if they are smiliar in size.
Bec xxx

Julia said...

Hi Sarah,

Just discovered your blog and I love it. I looked back over some of you past posts and I'm impressed with your projects - they're the sort of things I like to make too.

Regards Julia :0)

Catherine said...

Florence is a sweety Sarah!! Have fun stitching her!! Cathyxx