Friday, 16 May 2008

Happy Birthday Roseanne!!

Today it is my sister in law, Roseanne's birthday. I decided to make her one of these little bin tidy's for her gift. I have made afew of these and she has mentioned to me AFEW times that she wants to make herself one!! Well, you wont need to now!!

I could not decide weather to make her a red one or a blue one as both colours are her favourite.

After some very sneaky questions I decided to go with red. I chose this Aunt Purdy's Parlour fabric. Burgundy with mustard flowers. The bin lining is cream with little antique little buttons on it:

As an added surprise I gave her this Shangri-La Collectors tin. Also in red.

These tins are great!! I actually have afew different ones myself. Handy to put your sewing into if you are going away!
Happy Birthday Roseanne, enjoy your night xx

PS: This wont be the last time you see a tidy bin :o)


Catherine said...

Lucky Roseanne! Love the stitching tidy in the red and the tins are great. I've used my tin a couple of times already!! CAthyxx

Christine said...

Love this red version. I'm sure Roseanne will be delighted. The tin is very cool too.

Leanne said...

Sophie still looks cuddly and very cute.

I loved the present for Roseanne, the red fabric is beautfiul, you are such a clever sewer.


keslyn said...

Wow what a lovely birthday present for Roseanne, and Sophie looks gorgeous.

Roseanne said...

Thank you for my lovely birthday presents Sarah . I have put the tidy on my sewing table and the tin is in my sewing room . Well happy birthday Sarah for tomorrow