Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Weekend Workshop

Hello, Hello!! Been a while between posts I know, been very busy here....... with Sophie!! Doing alot of training, dont want to be too pushy with it, but she is doing very well!! Getting TOTALLY spoilt!!
Anyway, I went to a weekend Workshop "Summer Garden with Creative Women" at Summerhill on Sat and Sun with guest designers including Gail Pan, Rosie Quinlan, Natalie Lymer and Rose Johnston. What a great 2 days we had!! I have LOTS to share, and have decided to post every day for the next few days so that I dont overload this post with pics!! LOL So, just thought today I will show you some of the Designers stands. We got to see alot of their work in the "flesh" which was fantastic!!
Here is the Cinderberry Stand, right next to where we were sitting....... How lucky were we??!!
Here is Threadbare and Gail Pan's Stand, which was just behind us!!
The pic I took of Rosie's Stand was very out of focus....... sorry!!
Tomorrow, I will share their new design's for the day, so stay tuned..........
Sarah xx
Oh, and I just want to mention, that Dennis made me a new header for my blog. Isnt it just great!! It is part of a picture of the Leanne's House arm chair caddy I made for Kristy for Xmas. Took him about an hour...... xx


Christine said...

Hi Sarah. It was great meeting you and Kristy at the weekend. Wasn't it great she won the sewing machine? I would love to get together again some time. Well done for finishing your doll. I can't wait to see her - the fabrics you were using were just perfect together. I've not had time for much stitching - work and getting ready to go to Melbourne on Thursday. Hopefully I will get some good pictures at the Quilt Convention to share next week. Happy stitching. Christine

keslyn said...

Hi Sarah,
Looks like you had a great weekend, I look forward to seeing your following posts. I like your photo on Gails blog, does this make you a celebrity. LOL

Roseanne said...

It look like you all had a good time .I love the doll you made Sarah .All the photo look good to .I will keep reading as you put more on your blog of your week end .