Friday, 28 December 2007

Secret Santa gifts from me!!

As promised, here is some pics of the Secret Santa gifts I made for Lyndy (Hoodie).
The first item to be made was a wallhanging and I chose to make her a Nancy Halverson design: The second item to be made was a dolly and I made "Millie" which is a Mum's Moment pattern:
The last item to make was a surprise, my choice and I made this lovely Christmas Cheer bag designed by Janelle Wind (this was soooo fun to make and actually made 2)and I also put in a bottle of wine:

We also had to include a button (and Lyndy loves cats, so I found a nice cat button) as well as a Xmas fq:
I have my camera on the charger atm, so once it is all ready to go again I can put some pics up of the beautiful gifts Dianne made for me........... AND, I received a lovely gift today in the mail from Kerry, from the Pay It Forward challenge. Thankyou Kerry it is just beautiful. I will put some pics up of that too..........
Until tomorrow,
Sarah x


Christine said...

I love all your Secret Santa gifts, especially the Christmas Cheer bag. Your friend is very lucky.

keslyn said...

The gifts you made were gorgeous, can't wait to see what everyone received. So glad your parcel arrived safely, I forgot to mention it was on it's way, glad you like it, they are very handy.
I look forward to seeing what you received for your SSS.